Company History

IQF Inc. is a wholly-owned Canadian company which specializes in the development and manufacture of Cryogenic Pelletizing equipment for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food Processing and Food Technology Industries. IQF holds patents in many countries around the world and is continuously developing new processes and equipment to advance the state of the art in this very specialized area of Cryogenic Technology.

IQF was incorporated in 1983 motivated in part to complete the development of a newly proposed concept for the freezing of liquid pasteurized egg. This concept had been initially researched and developed by the Canadian Department of Agriculture (Agriculture Canada’s Food Research Institute and Food Engineering Department). The initial concept was focused on the freezing of liquid pasteurized egg utilizing a liquid nitrogen (LN2) freezing medium. The original premise of this research was to identify a method for storing liquid pasteurized egg product. Market studies indicated that breeding development and domicile technology produced a fairly constant supply of eggs yet consumer demand had seasonal fluctuations. Although the concept was sound unfortunately they were not successful in the development, innovation and implementation of operational processing equipment that could be utilized on a production scale and further that could meet all the sanitary and laboratory criteria likely to be encountered in commercial or scientific use.

IQF undertook to develop an efficient, safe and sanitary production unit of Cryogenic Pelletizer which later became known as “The Cryogran” of which the company applied for and received patents for both equipment and process claims. This initial product development was aimed primarily at the Food Industry. Subsequent to this the company commenced evaluation and development of its technology for use within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries. It was determined that an industry specific Cryogenic Pelletizer would be required for accommodating the unique and stringent requirements for operation within the aforementioned areas. IQF then embarked upon developing this technology for specific use within these industries. Following this development IQF applied for and received further patents for the development of this technology in Canada, The United States, and many of the PCT countries around world. IQF continues to research, develop and patent its cryogenic technology.

IQF is the world leader in Cryogenic Pelletizing Technology. IQF manufactures and sells its equipment and technology around the globe and continues its ongoing research and development to this day.