BioPharma / Bio-Tech

The IQF Cryogran developed, patented and produced for the freezing of any liquid or semi-liquid substance into discreet, free-flowing pellets. IQF has specifically developed this cryogenic process to meet the needs and requirements necessary for the freezing of delicate biologicals in the bio-pharma industry.

  • All Cryograns meet or exceed all pharmaceutical material of construction standards and are produced to the highest quality specifications, as governed by the ASME Standard for Bio-processing Equipment. As well, they can be enhanced or modified to meet any unique GMP or cGMP requirements.
  • The equipment is easily cleaned and sanitized via a series of strategically located CIP spray balls, and possesses a dedicated wash-cycle mode for this function.
  • The IQF Cryogran specifically utilizes liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium and does not require any CFC’s or complex mechanical refrigeration for operation.

Cryo-pelletizing can be applied in the production stream in some of the following ways:

  • as an intermediate holding step
  • for long-term storage
  • to enable ultra-fast freeze drying
  • to halt a fermentation reaction
  • as part of a separation/purification process
  • or as a finishing step

And as always, in the very easy to handle free-flowing pellet form.

As well, cryo-pelletizing offers ultra-fast thawing for consistent and fast reconstitution eliminating the need to freeze in block form which is difficult to handle, is inconsistent in freezing and thawing cycles and requires additional labour.

The Cryogran: simple, easy and economical to operate. Today’s answer to the unique freezing needs of the BioPharma industry!